The Benefits Of Weighted Blankets.

Stressed? Anxious? Can't get to sleep at night but are struggling to find a sleep aid that works?

Many people find that adding a weighted blanket to their nighttime routine helps reduce anxious thoughts and settle them down to sleep. The gentle pressure from a weighted blanket may ease symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, and even autism.

Read on to find out the endless benefits!  

weighted blanket

Weighted blankets can reduce anxiety 

To fall asleep, we need to feel calm. If our thoughts are going haywire, a good night's sleep is going to be much harder to achieve. Purchasing a blanket for anxiety can help ease your anxious thoughts through deep touch pressure stimulation.  

Weighted blankets can help people with autism 

Massage and touch therapy can help control the symptoms of autism and studies have found that weighted blankets can help decrease levels of cortisol and increase serotonin and dopamine. A study from 2020 found that children with autism who slept with a weighted blanket took less time to fall asleep at night and woke up in a better mood than those without.  

And those with ADHD 

People with ADHD are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders like circadian rhythm sleep disorder, restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea. The constant struggle with not being able to sleep, can affect mental health and cause anxiety. A study found that those who suffered from both insomnia and ADHD fell asleep faster and had better overall sleep quality with a weighted blanket. 

Heavy blankets could help with insomnia 

If you suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia, a weighted blanket might be the perfect sleeping aid. The weight will give you a feeling of comfort while also stopping you from tossing and turning, or giving in to distractions. A study from 2020 found that a weighted blanket can reduce feelings of stress, enhances relaxation and improves sleep.  

Wighted blankets can reduce restless leg syndrome symptoms 

Tingling is one of the most common symptoms of restless leg syndrome, and it happens mostly at night. This, of course, can disrupt sleep. With the compression of the heavy blanket, you will be forced (comfortably) into relaxing. 

General comfort 

Everyone loves comfort. Wrapping yourself up in a calming blanket can help you settle down for the day. A weighted blanket for adults with the pure reason being comfort is a good enough excuse for the sleep of your life! Put a good Netflix show on, order a pizza and snuggle with your comforting weighted blanket! What could be better? 

Heavy Blankets can help elderly people 

As we get older, insomnia becomes more likely. The elderly tend to turn to an unconventional sleeping pattern where they stay up late or take frequent naps during the day. This can throw off our body clocks. Weighted blankets can help the elderly settle down, and feel more refreshed in the morning compared to a regular blanket or duvet.  

Do you struggle with falling and staying asleep because of feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and more? The Echor Luxe Weighted Blanket might just be for you! With its deep touch pressure and glass bead technology, you're bound to have the comfiest sleep you've had in a long time! No more tossing and turning! 

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