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    15 Minute Sand Productivity Timer
    Myga Zafu Meditation Cushion - Grey
    Sold Out
    Himalayan Salt Lamp 8-10KG
    Hammered Brass Singing Bowl - Medium
    Psychotherapy Prompt Cards
    Pillow Talk Intimacy Prompt Cards
    Confidence Prompt Cards
    'Know Yourself' Promt Cards
    Philosophical Questions for Curious Minds Cards
    Acupressure Mat Green

    Overwhelm, anxiety, and poor focus are all rife in today’s busy, connected world. A cluttered, unhappy headspace can seem an unconquerable mountain, but it is amazing how the little things can help make a difference.  

    We can exercise our minds like we can our bodies. 

    The Echor Mindset range includes a selection of products aimed at increasing productivity, training focus and just getting a little out of your own head. If we create space in the mind, then you can fill it with things that spark joy. 

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