At Echor, our mission is simply to help you explore ways to feel good and we know that concern around our environmental impact is a cause of anxiety for many of us. 

If your actions and purchases of wellness products are adding to the climate crisis, it is hard to feel good about them. That is why we have implemented some amazing sustainability initiatives so that you can feel better shopping with us, and we can feel better doing what we do. 

Climate Positive Workforce. 

Working with our partners, Ecologi, we can ensure that all employees at Echor are carbon positive. This means that we offset their entire carbon footprint including emissions from their holidays, work/personal travel, home, hobbies, food and more! 

We achieve this by funding carbon reduction projects around the world and planting trees which will sequester carbon when they’re mature. 

1 Order = 1 Tree.

We are also planting a tree for every order placed on our website!The Echor ‘Forest’ is updated in real-time as trees are planted around the world. 

Responsible reforestation allows us to create employment for local families, restore wildlife habitats around the world and build our Echor ‘Forest’ so that we know our efforts can quietly sequester carbon for years to come.


Am I paying for the trees you plant?

No! We fully incur the costs of the trees we plant.

Can you prove that you are planting trees?

By clicking through to our ‘Forest’, you can see in real-time how many trees we are planting and where in the world they are planted.

Our tree planting partner, Ecologi, provide full financial documentation to evidence tree planting activity and also make accessible full third party annual audits to prove that the work is being carried out properly.

How do you ensure the trees are looked after and aren’t cut down prematurely?

One of our main tree planting partners, Eden Reforestation Projects, has provided a list of multiple ways they ensure this:

• Working with all levels of local government to create written agreements that the sites will be protected.

• Hiring local villagers to plant the trees not only can alleviate poverty but also gives locals a financial incentive to ensure the success of the projects and gives them a sense of “ownership”.

• 10% of the trees planted are agroforestry species which can provide fruit and fodder and become a source of sustainable income.

• Hiring forest guards.

How much carbon can 1 tree sequester?

Based on recent scientific research, we know that one mangrove tree can sequester around 308KG of CO2 over a 25-year lifetime.

What kind of trees do you plant?

The trees are mostly Mangroves due to their superior carbon sequester rate whereby they have been shown to sequester carbon at a rate 2-4 times more than mature tropical forests.

All tree planting sites will only include varied and native species. We will only support responsible reforestation so will never support projects that plant monoculture forests of non-native species.