A New Approach To Wellness

A wellness range that's more of a 'buffet' than a 'set-menu'. So fill your face.

Find Your Feel Good.

At Echor, ‘well’ isn’t good enough. We don’t want to just feel ‘well’, we want to feel good, even better than good, we want to feel great, even if it’s just for a moment.  

Feeling great is always the goal, but we don’t expect it to last forever. That's not how we're built. Finding these moments of feel-good that we can fall back on is how we approach wellness. 

Whatever you want to call us, we’re all about exploring. Exploring what makes you feel good, and exploring what doesn’t. We’ve got products for sleep, meditation, mindset, intimacy & movement all to help you explore.  

We exist to help you find your feel good.

But listen, we don’t have all the answers (and if someone claims they do, they’re lying to you). You’ll feel what works for you better than anyone. And if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work. Full stop. We’ll help you find what does work, to make every day feel good. 

Becoming More Sustainable

If your actions and purchases of wellness products are adding to the climate crisis, it is hard to feel good about them. Learn more about what we've been doing as a brand to reduce our environmental impact.

Echor was started by good friends George and Ewan in 2020. We, like most of our generation it seems, bought into hustle culture, we worked every hour under the sun and (surprise, surprise) found ourselves suffering as a result. We were burnt out, exhausted and a little bit crabby a lot of the time. And then, we found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic - not good.  

We began to explore ways to make ourselves feel better. Our first port of call: sleep. Sleep never failed to make everything that little bit better. So, we quickly became obsessed. Not in a ‘constantly sleeping’ way… in more of a ‘constantly reading’ way. As we researched and experimented, we found we felt better, like a lot better. Inspired by our new learnings, we set up Echor as a sleep wellness brand hoping to help other people experience the wonders of good quality sleep.  

But, of course, like all good explorers we didn’t stop there. Now that we had our energy back, what else could we explore to make us and others feel better? And so Echor grew to become what it is today - a constantly evolving wellness brand with a focus on one thing and one thing only: helping people to find their feel good.