Echor: SLEEP

Do you really know how well you sleep?

Get useful tips and product recommendations by taking our short, 2 minute sleep quiz.


Do you ever wonder why sleep is important, or how sleep effects mental health? We sleep for around a third of our lives yet most of usnever really consider the quality of our sleep. In our short quiz we touch onwhy sleep matters and how to get better sleep based on your specific circumstances.

Maybe you’ve been asking yourself, do I have a sleepdisorder? By taking our sleep quiz you may get an insight in whether you mayhave signs of sleep apnoea or bruxism as well as generally how much sleep youshould get.

Have you considered using any sleep products to help yoursleep? Are sleep masks good? What is a Melatonin supplement? Our sleep quizcovers some of these questions and at the end recommends a personalisedcollection of relaxation and sleep aids based on your answers.

So, click the link above to learn more about how you canimprove your sleep.