A foolproof guide to weighted blankets.

What is a weighted blanket? 

Whether you're familiar with weighted blankets or not, it's not entirely clear exactly what they do and how they can be beneficial. It's essentially a heavy blanket with a whole bunch of benefits, no matter who you are. They consist of several pockets filled with tiny, weighted objects such as glass beads or pellets. They're sewn together and stitched, allowing the weight to be evenly distributed across the blanket.  

The weight can stimulate pressure points throughout your body, signaling it to calm the nervous system. Using a weighted blanket has been compared to receiving a hug from a loved one!  

Weighted blankets are perfect for anyone who might be suffering from a sleep disorder. A sleep blanket for anxiety is also a common use, helping anyone struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep! According to a 2020 study, evidence suggests that weighted blankets can help reduce anxiety in people undergoing chemotherapy. As we said, it feels like getting a big hug from a loved one, which would help a lot in tough situations.  

How long to use one...

There isn't a specific time frame on how long you use a weighted blanket. Some people may need to use it every single night to get to sleep others just use them to chill on the sofa before bed. There's no right or wrong way!  

How do they help with sleep? 

A weighted blanket for adults uses deep pressure stimulation, which stimulates serotonin (the happy hormone), reduces cortisol (the stress hormone), and increases levels of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep.  

Other benefits of a weighted blanket: 

Reduces anxiety 

A weighted blanket can bring a sense of calm and relaxation, mimicking the feeling of being hugged. Deep touch pressure from a calming blanket can produce a soothing effect that reduces anxiety and can also help with symptoms of ADHD.  

Helps people with autism  

Touch therapy can help ease symptoms of autism by decreasing cortisol and increasing serotonin and dopamine, which can improve anxiety, impulse control and overall mood.  

General comfort 

Seriously, what could be better than a soft, calming blanket with added weight to get you relaxed? We couldn't think of anything better! 

Minimise distractions for ADHD 

One of the most common symptoms of ADHD is a lack of focus. This can cause many issues in adults, especially if you have time management focused job. Deep touch pressure stimulation can produce a calming, soothing effect that reduces the need to get distracted. It can also help with fidgeting as the blanket essentially forces you to keep still!  

For children with ADHD and autism, a weighted blanket can help with focus in the classroom. Classrooms are often noisy, filled with bright lights and clutter and can be overwhelming for those with sensory issues.  

Can help the elderly 

Elderly people are more at risk of chronic insomnia, which can lead to further health problems. On top of this, the elderly are more likely to deal with anxiety, stress and depression - further ruining their sleep schedule! A study found that people who used weighted blankets found that they liked sleeping with them and found it easier to settle down with improved sleep quality and felt more refreshed in the morning.  

How to pick the right weighted blanket for you  

3 things you want to consider when purchasing a weighted blanket are weight, fabric and construction.   

1. The correct weight  

We recommend choosing the weight that's closest to 10% of your body weight. For example, if you weigh 70kg, choose 6.8kg. Choosing a weight too heavy for you could potentially be dangerous, but we'll get into that more later.  

The sole purpose of a weighted blanket is to ease anxiety, promote sleep and provide comfort, not to feel restricted. If you feel restricted or squashed by your weighted blanket, you're not going to fall asleep any time soon.  

2. Glass beads or plastic pellets? 

Typically, weighted blankets will be filled with glass beads or plastic pellets. The glass beads are around the same size as grains of sand and are heavier than plastic pellets. Plastic pellets on the other hand are bigger, making the blanket bulkier. When comparing the two, there's only one real winner and that's glass beads for a much more luxurious experience.  

3. Fabric 

The fabric should be breathable, lightweight and comfortable. It wouldn't make sense to purchase a blanket not made from high-quality materials! It's also important to make sure the blanket has a removable cover so you're able to wash it properly.  

Are they safe? 

As we know, sleep is a compromised state in which you don't have complete control over things and there are safety precautions to take when using weighted blankets. These are especially important for young children and anyone with underlying health conditions.  

Children that are under 20lbs or below the age of two should not use a weighted blanket as this could cause suffocation. For adults with underlying health conditions, make sure the blanket isn't too heavy and that you or the individual using it can move around without restriction.  

As long as you keep these things in mind when purchasing your weighted blanket, they are completely safe to use!  

Our Luxe Weighted Blanket 

weighted blanket echor

Our blanket can help with any of the issues stated above through deep, gentle pressures that mimic the effects of cuddling, and other forms of therapeutic tactile sensory inputs that help the body relax.  

Deep Touch Pressure - The weight from the blanket induces deep touch pressure which is a technique that provides relaxation and increases melatonin.  

Grounding Effect - Our blanket pushes your body down and decreases movement, making it a lot easier to relax and fall asleep.  

Glass Bead Technology - Glass beads are odourless, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. They are safe for nightly use. 

Breathable Fabric - The beads are wrapped in soft and lightweight fabric layers for ultimate comfort. They're stored in smaller compartments to spread the weight around the blanket evenly! 

Long-Lasting - Our blanket comes in a washable cover so you can keep it clean.  

Enjoy your most comfortable sleep yet! 

Sleep will come effortlessly to you once you reap the benefits of a calming, weighted blanket. Of course, they're not a miracle cure if you're someone who seriously struggles to get to sleep, but they can help ease your stress to make you fall into a deep, deep slumber.