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Our Best Selling 3D Eye Mask. Now £10 for Boohoo Customers! (RRP £17.99)


For a deep, deep sleep and fresher eyes the following morning.


You'll forget you're wearing it!

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This is a great eye mask that really is a blackout mask. The shape is slim and has a padded rim inside around the lower area so that is what stops the light coming in. It's really comfortable.

Louise's Reading

Well presented and packaged nicely. I have used it every night since ive had it, and still looks perfect with no wear or falling apart unlike the cheaper eye masks ive had, also much comfier.


My husband won the battle to keep it because he gets up for work at 5.15 am. This also came impressively gift wrapped in tissue in a nice little box so it has gifting potential too. Excellent product.

Mr & Mrs C


Light is the most important external factor in how your body naturally knows if it is time to be awake or asleep.

When you brain picks up that it's light outside, it kicks in various processes telling your body to "get to work" and makes you more alert.

Light can be more powerful than your morning cup of coffee!

So sometimes it's very important to avoid light in order to let our body's rhythms run smoothly. For example, bright early mornings before & napping during the day etc.

Enter the Echor Sleep mask...

We are confident it will! But...

We offer a 30 night guarantee on our sleep masks. If the product doesnt work for you, just get in touch with us and we'll arrange a full refund.

Our sleep mask is made using 3D ultralight foam.

We're nothing like these other flat, uninspired eye masks you're used to seeing.

Our 3D design allows for eye indentations so that the mask isn't actually pressing on your eyelids or lashes. Perfect if you'vee just had your lashes done!

We all know that with sleep masks a common issue is light peeking through either side of your nose, but we've stopped this with the soft nose-wing we added to keep all light out. It really is total blackout!

The strap is elastic and fully adjustable so we're sure it'll fit most people. If it doen't quite fit for you, just let us know and we'll get that resolved for you or provide you a full refund.

Delivery is free for orders over £40.

Standard UK shipping takes 1-3 days and is charged at £3.00 via Royal Mail First Class Tracked. 

Our 3D eye indentations mean nothing should be pressing on your eyelids or lashes, also making the mask extra comfortable.

Your lashes will be well looked after!

30 Night Guarantee

Try this eye mask for 30 nights and if it doesn't work for you, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked :)

Echor Total Blackout Sleep Mask

Echor Total Blackout Sleep Mask
Echor Total Blackout Sleep Mask
Echor Total Blackout Sleep Mask
Echor Total Blackout Sleep Mask
Echor Total Blackout Sleep Mask
Echor Total Blackout Sleep Mask
Echor Total Blackout Sleep Mask
Echor Total Blackout Sleep Mask

Echor Total Blackout Sleep Mask

Was £17.99, Now £10!
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  • Total Blackout – Our ergonomic wings either side of your nose prevent light from entering under the mask, ensuring a calming sleep experience that enhances overall sleep quality.

  • Fresher Eyes – Eye indentations relieve pressure on your eye lids and lashes ensuring total comfort and fresher eyes following sleep. 

  • PureComfort Foam – High-elastic foam inner & a silky smooth outer makes for a truly comfortable night’s sleep in any position. 

  • Fully Adjustable – Our adjustable elasticated strap offers a one size fits all solution for optimal comfort.  

  • Ideal travel companion - Perfect for use as a travel eye mask on flights.
    Available in grey and white.

  • 30 Night Guarantee – If you’re not happy with our Eye Mask you can return it for a full refund within 30 nights. 

Tax included.