Why an orgasm should be part of your bedtime routine

Not being able to sleep is the worst, we know that feeling. Tossing and turning in bed even though you’re tired. But what if we told you that having an orgasm could help get you to sleep? Yes, you heard that right. Intimate wellness is something we tend to neglect with our busy schedules, but whether it be solo or with a partner, an orgasm has a lot of benefits to sleep quality! 


Having an orgasm releases multiple hormones linked to reduced stress and the increase of oxytocin. Oxytocin, otherwise known as the love drug, is connected to serotonin and dopamine - the happy hormones!  


Sex and sleep go hand in hand in making the perfect nighttime routine. It should be the very last thing you do in your routine as it’s going to knock you completely out for the night! Not only that, but it can add to your overall health and well-being.  


Research suggests that when sex includes an orgasm, it can help you fall asleep. However, feeling sleepy after an orgasm is not linked to sex with a partner. Studies have shown that you can get the same effect through masturbation. Sleep and masturbation is the perfect combination to get you to feeling refreshed if you don’t have someone to er, help…  


Benefits of having an orgasm before you sleep 


Reduces your stress levels 


Masturbation can lower your stress levels, giving your mind a release of pleasure and a reminder to slow down. An orgasm can reduce our body’s production of the natural stress hormone, cortisol. A study in 2017 found that 65% of participants who had an orgasm before bed also improved their sleep quality! 


Sex reduces cortisol which interferes with daily cycles of other hormones, disrupts sleep patterns and causes fatigue.  


Decreases pain 


Cramps from your period? You’re in luck. Depending on your cycle, you might be someone who’s up for sex or be someone who doesn't want to be touched. If you’re the former, sex can help ease menstrual cramps, further helping you sleep. This can also be done alone if sex on your period isn’t a vibe!  


Adds a nice finish to your nighttime routine 


Add a clitoral stimulator to your nighttime routine to ensure the big O happens before you sleep and watch it be the perfect end to your routine. Light a candle, set the mood and feel yourself relax from a mix of the vibrator and the happy hormones being released!  


Increases the oestrogen hormone 


If you’re a woman, there’s a huge bonus when it comes to climaxing before sleep. Oestrogen increases and allows your body to fall into a deeper sleep and decreases the chance of waking up before you’re supposed to!  


Sex without an orgasm still has benefits 


Of course, you want to finish ideally, however, having sex without finishing will still release the same chemicals, just in smaller qualities. So any kind of pleasure is going to help you out even if it’s a little bit!  


Sex has amazing benefits in general, but sleep is something that all of us need to improve so if sex can make it better, we’re all winning! Remember that a lack of sleep can lead to a lower libido so scheduling in sex before you fall asleep will benefit your sex drive on top of everything else!  


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