The difference between a weighted blanket and a duvet

If you're looking into purchasing a weighted blanket but you're not sure how exactly it differs from a duvet, you're in the right place. A weighted blanket is a lot more than just a heavy blanket… 


What is a duvet? 

Duvets have outer and inner materials. The outer being a cotton fabric, and the filler material being either feathers, fur or wool. They're typically used in the UK as they provide the correct amount of warmth during the cold winters.  



  • Cheap: They're relatively cheaper and do the job of keeping you warm all night.  
  • Easy to clean: To clean, all you have to do is take the duvet cover off and chuck it in the washing machine!  


What is a weighted blanket? 

A weighted blanket for adults is similar to a regular sleeping blanket, with added weight. The weight comes from the filler material, usually glass beads or plastic pellets, and is designed to replicate a cuddle. 

They're often used as a blanket for anxiety as they cause your body to release endorphins, serotonin, and melatonin which helps you fall asleep. On top of this, a weighted blanket will inhibit the release of cortisol (the stress hormone) by using deep touch pressure to relax you. 

The problem with weighted blankets is that it's a lot harder to figure out which one works for you. The weight should be comfortable (no more or less than 10% of your body weight). In addition, you need to make sure that the weighted blanket you purchase is high quality - no, they're not all the same.  

Our Luxe Weighted Blanket pushes the body downwards and decreases movement, making it easier to relax as well as fall and stay asleep. This will benefit you if you find yourself tossing and turning at night!  



  • Improves sleep: It's a calming blanket that can help you get to sleep quicker and stay asleep. They've been shown to help insomniacs and relieve anxiety! Even if you don't suffer from insomnia and anxiety, they can be used to help you sleep in general.  
  • Promotes calm feeling: If your day has been filled with stress, whether that be from work or personal issues, a weighted blanket can calm you down.  
  • Helps those with autism: Touch therapy has been found to help ease symptoms of autism by decreasing cortisol and increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine.  


The verdict 

When it comes to health benefits and overall comfort, weighted blankets will always come out on top. This is because they can help those with medical conditions, but duvets are suitable for general use. 

If you're looking for pure comfort and are on a budget, a duvet is perfect. But if you think you might benefit from a weighted blanket, the chances are you will!

It's a worthwhile investment if you struggle to get to sleep at night, however, it's important to make sure you purchase the right weight for your body weight otherwise the deep touch pressure won't work like it's supposed to!