Orgasms vs. Anxiety!

Anxiety in humans is increasing every year. 

Fortunately, there are a number of natural remedies to help ease it. But the best one in our opinion?  

Having an orgasm.  

Getting in touch with your sensual side, whether that be with a partner or a toy, can give you great relief if you’re feeling anxious just before bed!  

Sex and sleep have been found to be a great combination when it comes to anxiety and stress as it aids as a distraction and releases the happy hormones: serotonin, dopamine and even oxytocin. As you may or may not know, a clitoral stimulator that is guaranteed to get you to finish can help mitigate a migraine headache, so who’s to say it can’t help reduce the symptoms of anxiety?  

Orgasms diminish anxiety symptoms and stress 

We all know that most of the time, anxiety is caused by stress. So the good news here is that having an orgasm can greatly reduce this. If oxytocin is produced, which happens with sex or masturbation, it can decrease stress and relieve pain. One study came to the conclusion that as many as 40% of women who masturbate engage with it because it helps them relax… Are you convinced yet?  

Orgasms improve intimate wellness  

If you have a partner, this could help you feel more connected with them. Of course, doing it yourself with a clitoral stimulator or hand can help you feel more connected to yourself which is the most important one.  

Think of sex and masturbation as an act of self-care and watch it become a habit in your nighttime routine! If you take time to practice self-love regularly, like masturbation, you can tackle any negative thoughts you might have!  

Orgasms help you get to sleep  

Sleep and masturbation are pretty much besties. Giving yourself an orgasm before sleeping can actually help when it comes to getting enough sleep. Set the mood; dim the lights, light a candle and get comfy while performing probably one of the best distractions from anxious thoughts! 

Orgasms allow you to get to know your body 

Sometimes, people with anxiety have a negative view of themselves and their bodies. If this is the case, masturbating and getting to know your body can have a huge impact on your mental health. Not to mention, it’s empowering and while this isn’t a cure for anxiety, it’s definitely something that can help you in the short term. Masturbation is empowering and because of this, you’re more likely to be inspired to use that power in other aspects of your life like your mental health.  

Now we’re not saying that having an orgasm is going to be the cure to all mental health issues but it can certainly help relieve the tension if it ever gets too much.  

Take care of your body, from self-pleasure to getting enough sleep - it all matters.