How to prevent wrinkles caused by sleeping

Skincare is a huge industry, with many having a strict routine to keep their skin looking glowy and flawless. But did you know the way you sleep can affect how your face looks over time, causing premature wrinkles? After sunlight and UV exposure, squishing your face into your pillow is one of the most common ways to get wrinkles. 


It's always better to prevent wrinkles rather than try to cure them. To help you stay looking refreshed and ready to go in the morning, we have put together a list of ways you can prevent sleep wrinkles from happening! 


What causes sleep wrinkles? 

When we age, our skin lacks collagen and elasticity - causing wrinkles. However, sleep wrinkles are caused by repeatedly sleeping on your side. The pressure on your face for approximately 2,500 hours a year is not great for looking young!  


Unfortunately, the older you get, the more prominent sleep wrinkles will be down to the reduced elasticity and firmness in the skin.  


Below are some tips to prevent wrinkles: 

Sleep on your back 

Perhaps not your favourite way to sleep (we love sleeping on our sides too), however, sleeping on your back means there's no pressure on your face. If you continue to sleep on your side and your front, you'll produce unwanted sleep lines.  


Don't sleep on your hands 

Sleeping on your hands causes sleep wrinkles more than most people realise. Our skin grips rougher circles, causing wrinkles. Your skin is fragile, so make sure it's always touching soft materials and not being tugged.  


Get enough sleep 

They don't call it 'beauty sleep' for nothing. Every night, our bodies recharge and our skin heals, restores and eliminates toxins. If you're not getting enough sleep, your body won't have the time to do this, thus making you look older!  


Purchase a silk eye mask 

It's easy to assume that a sleep mask's only job is to block light so you can get to sleep easier, but silk eye masks specifically can benefit your skin! If you're sleeping on top of cotton every day, your skin can be stretched and tugged without you even noticing. Silk is a delicate fabric, meaning you can sleep in any position without fear of causing unwanted wrinkles! Our Total Blackout Eye Mask has a high-elastic foam inner and a silky smooth outer to ensure a comfortable sleep! 


Or a silk pillow 

A silk pillow has similar benefits to an eye mask, stopping your skin from being tugged as you sleep.  


Wear a night cream 

A night cream is designed to be put on before you go to bed and are formulated to regenerate and repair the damage that's been done during the day.  


Massage your face when you wake up 

Massaging your face in the morning can help improve circulation and bring blood to the skin's surface which can help encourage collagen production. A study from 2017 found that massaging your face along with anti-ageing creams helps reduce wrinkles by increasing the production of beneficial skin proteins.