Do weighted blankets work?

It’s hard to believe that a heavy blanket has several health and wellbeing benefits but they’re a brilliant addition to have in your house. For those who suffer from anxiety and stress, a weighted blanket can become a staple part of their nighttime routine, giving them the relief they need.  

But what exactly is a weighted blanket and how do they work? 

Weighted blankets use deep pressure stimulation to relax the nervous system and replicate the feeling of being held or hugged. It can help with pain relief, reducing anxiety and depression symptoms, and sleep quality. Some experts have also claimed that a blanket for anxiety can stimulate other natural hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin which are both related to happiness.  

There are a lot of weighted blankets for adults on the market, but as a general rule, it should be between 5 and 10% of your body weight. Buying a weighted blanket for anxiety and then feeling like you’re being crushed isn’t exactly going to help!  

There are two types of fill-in weighted blankets: micro glass beads and plastic poly pellets. At Echor, we use glass beads that are odourless, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic so it’s guaranteed to be safe! The beads are also stored in smaller compartments within the blanket to prevent them from lumping on one side and ensure weight distribution. Our Luxe Weighted Blanket is guaranteed to make it easier for you to relax, as well as fall asleep. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few more ways a weighted blanket could help you: 

Calm the nervous system 

It’s a given that an overactive nervous system can lead to anxiety, further ruining your sleep quality. A blanket that adds weight and pressure across the body can calm the parasympathetic nervous system.  

Can help with sensory stimuli 

According to this study children with autism prefer to sleep with a weighted blanket as opposed to a regular one. It didn’t help them sleep for a longer period, fall asleep faster or wake less often however, it was something the children preferred.  

Reduces movement during the night 

If you’re someone who finds themselves tossing and turning at night, having a weighted blanket on while sleeping can reduce movement.  

Gives you a feeling of security 

As mentioned, a weighted blanket can replicate the feeling of being held or hugged which increases feelings of security. This can improve your sleep along with help with sleep anxiety.  

Should you purchase one? 

If you’re typically an anxious person, yes. One of the primary uses of a weighted blanket is to treat anxiety. It can help reduce autonomic arousal which is responsible for the symptoms of anxiety.  

Another reason to invest in a calming blanket with added weight is to treat sleep disorders like insomnia. The pressure can help slow your heart rate and breathing, mimicking a long embrace.  

If you’re looking for a sign to purchase a weighted blanket, this is it! Feel like you’re getting a warm hug from your favourite person as you drift off to sleep. Purchase ours here.