Are silk eye masks good for skin?

When we say 'silk eye mask' your first thought is probably 'luxurious', which we can't blame you for thinking. But it's a pretty essential sleeping aid if you want to wake up with glowing skin!  


A lot of people also think that eye masks are a one size fits all purchase, but we disagree. Each eye mask has different qualities that will benefit different people. For example, do you want the mask to have eye indentations? What kind of material? How do you want it to fit? Everyone will answer differently to those questions so finding the eye mask for you is essential. 


If you're struggling with skin issues or want to bring beauty to beauty sleep, then a silk eye mask might just be the one for you!  


Benefits of a silk eye mask 

A silk eye mask has so many different benefits, from it being gentle on your skin and also having anti-ageing properties. See our list below of the amazing benefits of using a silk sleeping mask:  


Gentle on the skin 

The skin around your eyes is very delicate and making sure your eye mask isn't made from a material that will tug or irritate it is important. Silk is a soft material that will leave your eyes feeling as good as new in the morning!  


Reduce frown lines 

Did you know you can frown in your sleep if you're exposed to light? This can result in ageing lines and wrinkles. With a silk sleeping mask, you can stop this from happening by keeping you in the dark at all times.  


Keeps you cool and warm 

Silk can relegate temperature, which is needed for sleep to happen. It's breathable yet insulating at the same time allowing you to feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  


Blocks light 

No one wants an eye mask that doesn't block out light properly, but luckily silk sleep masks do just that. Whether you're using it to nap during the daytime, or on a long haul flight - a silk mask will keep the harsh light out!  


Is it right for you? 

If you suffer from dry skin or eczema on your face, any kind of friction will make the problem a lot worse. However, silky material is gentle on your skin and can provide a barrier between yourself and the pillow.  

Not only that but the ritual of putting on a silky smooth eye mask at night can signal to your body that it's time to slow down and go to sleep. Getting enough sleep at night plays a big part in your overall health and well-being so it's important not to neglect it!  

Our Echor Total Blackout Eye Mask has a high-elastic foam inner and a silky smoother outer that allows you a comfortable night's sleep in any position. Not only that, but the eye indentations will relieve any pressure on your eyelids and lashes to ensure fresher eyes in the morning!