6 Sleeping Gifts: Ideas to Help Someone Sleep Better

These thoughtful gift ideas are perfect for the person that struggles to sleep and relax. 

Perhaps you know an exhausted nurse, paramedic, night-shift worker, burned-out student, or new parents. Just about everyone suffers bad sleep and frazzled nerves from time to time. Here are 6 gift ideas that will be appreciated by any late-night worrier or the tense workhorse. 


1. Therapeutic Candles 

Many are guilty of staying up too late, subjecting our delicate eyes to bright TV screens, phones, and laptops. By the time we hit the hay our brains are playing catch-up with our bodies, still buzzing from that movie we were watching. 

Giving the eyes much-needed respite, candles provide a relaxing ambient atmosphere. They are also a great way to gently inhale therapeutic essential oils which can offer a whole host of benefits. 

Aromatherapy candles around a warm bath are a recipe for restful sleep. To encourage sleepiness, try looking for good quality candles with lavender, bergamot, jasmine, vanilla, or ylang-ylang.  


2. Pillow Spray 

There’s a reason pillow sprays are still so popular, and that’s because they work. 

Inhaling sedative aromas such as lavender and frankincense can help any restless sleeper achieve deeper and less disturbed rest. 

Good quality pillow sprays are alcohol-based to ensure the essential oils stay as fragrant as possible and to dry quickly on pillows. 

Fusions that are best to induce sleep include the undisputed king of sleep scent Lavender, Vetiver, Chamomile, Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Bergamot. 


3. Bedtime Tea 

A caffeine-free hot brew is a must as part of a complete night-time ritual before bed. 

With so many specialty teas to choose from, you might need to know the tastes of who you are gifting. Do they like the flowery taste of Chamomile? Or do they prefer warm Cinnamon?  

Chocolate-lovers are likely to love a Cocoa tea blend with Cocoa shells, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Cardamom. 

Mint tea-drinkers might be delighted to try a mellow spearmint blend with Hemp and Ashwagandha. 

Redbush - or Rooibos - fans may like to wind down with a concoction of Chamomile, Lemongrass, Verbena, South African Redbush, and Balm Mint. 

For serious tea-drinkers consider buying loose tea along with a tea diffuser to make it extra thoughtful. Making the perfect bedtime cup of tea can be a therapeutic art form. 


4. A Good Book 

Reading a proper paper book before bed beside a dim light or candles is a sure remedy to feel sleepy.  

Not only will it disconnect you from unnecessary distractions like Instagram or work emails, but you can become absorbed in gripping stories, forcing you to momentarily forget your troubles and engage your imagination elsewhere.  

Finding a quiet cosy space, and the smell and touch of the paper will be soothing reminders that it’s almost time to bed down. 

Studies have shown that reading regularly can improve mental well-being and relaxation. 

Search for a period novel, fiction, thriller, historical, or romantic love story based on the person you are gifting. International bestsellers are always a hit if you are unsure or simply can’t choose. 

 bedtime reading

5. Aromatherapy Diffuser 

While candles set the stage for winding down, diffusers can be used to escort you gently to sleep without worrying about open flames. There are many electric diffusers on the market, designed with changeable dim mood lights, and the ability to automatically turn off. 

Where oil-burning diffusers use tea lights to waft essential oil aromas in the air, electric diffusers work by softly steaming the oils.  

Depending on the tastes of the person you are buying for, you can choose diffusers made from faux wood, chic ceramic, stone, or even Himalayan salt. 

While some come with a bundle of essential oils, you may need to buy them separately. Be sure to look for pure, undiluted essential oils for the optimum aromatherapy benefits, and steer clear from synthetic ‘fragrance oils’. 

 Aromatherapy Diffuser

6. Sleep eye mask 

Essential for quality sleep, your eyes need darkness to fall asleep quicker and prevent waking in the night. 

When buying for a sleep-deprived soul, you can’t go wrong with a sleep eye mask 

Several styles are available in different materials. Soft silk will feel cool and gentle on the skin, without absorbing too much night cream. Cotton and linen are also comfortable on the eye area. 

Contoured and weighted eye masks provide additional security against slipping or falling off. They are great for those that want as much light-blocking as possible. Ergonomic and comfortable, they provide a cosy fit around the nose. 

 blackout sleep mask

 Create a sleep gift hamper 

Selecting a few options from the sleep gifts listed, or simply have a look at our sleep collections, you can surprise someone deserving with a wonderful sleep hamper. 

sleep gifts

Bundle the gifts in a wicker or seagrass basket, small wooden crate, or decorative box that can be used again. Add a magnificent bow and you have created a beautiful gift for someone special!