4 common myths about weighted blankets - Debunked

As weighted blankets have become popular, misunderstandings about them have spread like wildfire. However, we're here to break down the most common weighted blanket myths and let you know the facts...  

Myth #1: Weighted blankets are uncomfortable.  

This isn't true at all. Well, it shouldn't be if you purchase the correct weight. Yes, a weighted blanket is essentially a heavy blanket, but it shouldn't be too heavy or you could risk it being uncomfortable or dangerous. [Text Wrapping Break] 

We recommend choosing a blanket that has a weight closest to 10% of your body weight for ultimate comfort.  

Echor Luxe weighted blankets come in two weights, 6.8kg and 9.1kg. 

Myth #2: Weighted blankets are hot 

It's normal to assume that a blanket with extra weight is going to make you unnecessarily hot.  

However, if they're made with high-quality materials, it can make temperature regulation a breeze.  

The Echor Weighted Blanket comes with a fully removable and washable cover which is SUPER soft to make that ‘cuddle effect’ even more glorious. 


Myth #3: Weighted blankets are all made the same  

It might be tempting to purchase the cheapest weighted blanket assuming they're all heavy so they'll work the same. This isn't true at all.  

A lot of the cheaper weighted blankets on the market are made with plastic pellets which tend to feel clumpy and lump to one side.  

The best filler is glass beads (evenly stitched throughout the blanket) for the ultimate heavy, calming blanket experience. Glass beads are also more environmentally friendly. 

Also, keep an eye out for some of the cheaper alternatives on the market that do not come with a washable cover. Chances are you’ll spend a LOT of time with your blanket and it’ll need to be kept as hygienic possible. 


Myth #4: Weighted blankets are only for autistic people 

Although weighted blankets have multiple benefits for those with autism and ADHD, they're also for everyone. Weighted blankets for adults can have multiple benefits like lowering your blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and general comfort. 

In a society where it's normalised to be overworked, stressed, and constantly tired, we are at war with our sleep schedules. The therapeutic weighted blanket can signal to your nervous system that you're ‘safe’ and it's time to relax. This can help to relax your muscles to release any tension and stress from your day.  

Purchasing a weighted blanket for anxiety is one of the most popular reasons to get one. The deep touch pressure from the blanket is a therapeutic technique that can help induce relaxation and increases the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone).   

Echor Luxe Weighted Blanket 

Our weighted blanket is the perfect sleeping aid if you're someone who struggles to get to sleep, has anxiety, or just wants one for comfort. The comforting deep touch pressure pushes the body downwards and decreases movement, making it easier for you to relax as well as fall and stay asleep. This is perfect for those who tend to toss and turn just before sleep, making themselves more restless as the night goes on!  

The fabric is breathable for maximum comfort and the glass beads are stored in smaller compartments than other weighted blankets to prevent them from lumping on one side. Not to mention, it comes with a removable duvet cover that allows you to wash it with no hassle!  

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